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What Is Shuttle Mediation?

When a mediator makes arrangement for the meeting of both the parents at different locations or offices at the same time, this is called shuttle mediation. Shuttle mediation is very important in some situations when the statements of both the parents have to be taken into consideration and they must correspond to each other.

Shuttle mediation is done when there is a need to reconcile all the statements of both the parties that include the well wishers of both the parents. It is important to see that both the parents provide the correct information with the mediator.

The mediator shuttles back and forth constantly to get all the information accurately. Shuttle mediation can be used in most situations and can be very successful.

There is another situation when both the parents have difficulties in facing each other because of some complications while separation. The parents have some space to respond to the questions and are not under any pressure and can have some time.

In the normal situations, the mediator sits down with the parents and all of them discuss the situation together in order to provide financial support to the child. Shuttle mediation can prove to be very important and useful in some cases where the parents are not comfortable with each other after separation.

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Lakes family and shuttle mediation

The process of mediation means when a mediator makes arrangement for both the parents were separated for providing the financial support to the child by an agreement on some terms and conditions mutually.

The partners sit in different rooms and the information is kept confidential even from the other parent.

The mediators from Lakes Mediation are very experienced to handle situations that are complicated to handle by parents themselves. We provide you with the best services of mediation resolving any disputes that can arise in such situations.

First of all, the mediators try to avoid any fights regarding different areas of decision making. As there are many areas in which decisions have to be taken, the opinions of all the parties have to be taken into consideration.

The most important decision is regarding the contribution that each parent has to make for child maintenance.

The implementation of shuttle mediation is very important because the statements of both the parents can provide support to the mediator while taking a decision regarding the child’s life. In normal situations, the mediator sits down and discusses the finance with the parents together.

There are some situations when parents openly discuss the finance with the mediator without the other partner present. They hesitate to share their views in front of another person than the mediator.

The mediators from Lakes Mediation are very specialised and trained so that there can arise many types of situations for which answers must be available with mediators.

If no answer is there with the mediator, the parents can approach the court for reaching a decision. The experts recommend that you must hire a mediator as the formalities of the court will waste your time and efforts.

The shuttling process can be slow as the reactions of the partners cannot be seen as being separate from each other by location.

The mediators can use both types of mediation by first implementing the normal one and then implementing the shuttling process.

Mediation is More Common Than You Think

Many people are very confused between single and sole mediation. But they are both completely different.

Single mediation only takes on one mediator to handle the entire mediation process. Shuttle mediation is usually used when the emotional effect of being together with your ex-spouse can lead to unnecessary fights and hard decision making. In this case, it’s more common for an impartial third party to mediate the conflict between you and your ex-spouse.

Sole mediation typically uses two or more mediators who work together to help with the settlement process. This is usually used when it’s necessary to deal with a variety of issues between the partners involved. This type of mediation has been proven to be more efficient in resolving a number of issues between the couple.

No matter what type of mediation you choose, there are steps that have to be taken to make sure that both parties are able to reach a final decision about the marriage. This is done through a series of discussions that take place over a period of time. Both parties will be able to present their arguments for the final outcome as well as giving their own opinions.

The main goal for either party is to come to a mutual agreement regarding the marriage. This can be done by working out any differences between the two parties. However, there are some instances that cannot be resolved without a legal separation from each other.

It’s important for both parties to agree on the final decision before the mediation begins so that there are no surprises later. If both parties feel like a divorce is inevitable at this point, it is also best to agree on the divorce settlement early so that no time is wasted on trying to reach an agreement in the end.

Mediation can take place in a variety of settings. However, it’s most common that the mediation takes place at a court house. This is because a court hearing is the final place where a mediator can be used to discuss a possible settlement between two or more people. However, the court house is not necessarily the only place where a court room can be used.

An alternative to a court room is the battle room. This is a place where both sides are able to come together for a period of time to present their case and get a hearing conducted. After hearing from both sides, the mediators will then come up with a settlement for both parties.

Sole mediation typically takes more of a longer time to complete compared to shuttle mediation. This is due to the fact that there is a much larger amount of information involved. When choosing to go with sole mediation, you must remember that each person will be presented their own case to be heard. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are prepared for the entire process.