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Financial Disputes After Separation

There are various disputes that can arise when it comes to finance for the child after separation of parents.

There has to be a proper way out in which you can decide which parent will contribute what part of his or her income for the child maintenance process.

The child maintenance process includes fulfilling basic needs of the child as well as the wants which makes his life entertaining. Entertainment in the life of the child is very important so that he doesn’t feel that need of his parents to be together.

It is very important to make the future of the child secure so that he can be self sufficient money grows up. Various areas are there in which finances are required for the support of the child. After a divorce, parents are reluctant to contribute for the child.

You have to take help from a third party who is an expert in handling such situations. The situations can be complicated as these include the amount of money each parent has and how much he or she can contribute.

There is a process that has to be followed and through mediation you can follow such process. It is important that parents do not handle the situations by themselves as these decisions are very sensitive for the child as well as for the parents.

Mediation process is the most appropriate here as while the parents are thinking about themselves after separation it is the mediation Institute that thinks about the future of the child.

Lakes Mediation And Financial Disputes

The official process of handling financials of the parents for the child is by following various steps which are the most appropriate here. Lakes mediation helps you with experience mediators who can help you to follow the process of contribution from the parents for the life of the child. The process we follow while assigning the amount each parent has to contribute is mentioned below.

  • The first step we do is to find out what each parent owns and how much he can save after spending money on himself or herself. In other words, we check what is in the pot of each parent.
  • Then we find out what is parent must contribute and the amount he wants to contribute and then decide the amount between both the numbers by negotiation.
  • We take the mutual consent of both the parents and then reach to a decision that is fair to both of them and to the child. In other words, we reach to an agreement which is mutually decided.

It is important that you don’t take help from the court and the justice system to reach to a decision as there are various formalities which have to be followed and wasting your time and effort. Most of the parents don’t have the awareness about mediation process and straight away approach the court into the matter. The information must be kept confidential and we understand the situation is parent has when it comes to sharing about the finances they have and their savings. We maintain a friendly environment for the transparent communication of information with the mediators who can handle the situations and are well suited to take decisions in these cases.

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