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What is Mediation ?

Mediation can be said to be the process of helping separating couples with communication of all the parties involved. The decisions can be taken regarding the child, property, finances etc. which can prove to be very complicated.

The mediator will help make all the arrangements in order to make the parents share financial information in order to know about the income, savings and expenses after they have been separated and how will they make a balance between work life and new family and the child they have. As there are a lot of areas to be covered in mediation it is important that parents ask questions that come into their mind.

Lakes Mediators provide all the information about the process so that parents can take decisions by themselves and if any questions come into their mind they must ask then and there.

There are some frequently asked questions a parent or any other party can ask the mediators from lakes mediation.Lakes Mediation is ready to answer any questions that come into your mind so that if any doubt you have will be cleared.

You must be aware of the fact that mediation is better than using the services of the justice system that is the code which will waste the time, efforts and money you have. Every expert will be recommending you with the services of a mediator who is experienced and specialised to handle the situations which can be complicated as all the parties have to take decisions regarding the numbers.

Mediation refers to the settlement of a couple who are under a dispute. It involves a third party in the form of a mediator. He or she helps both the parties to negotiate their disputes in a reasonable way. The negotiation process covers the role of both parties in the family. Examples of these are the custody of their children, the mediation pension and more.

The mediator also acts as a guide so that the settlement would be a success. It plays an excellent role to secure the welfare of the family even if the couple tends to separate. Lakes Mediation welcomes all inquiries from you, and we answer it right away.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Mentioned below are some frequently asked questions which are very common in the minds of the parties involved.

How do we figure out the value of our assets?
Lakes mediation will be very helpful in determining the right value of your Assets and distributing them according to the share each parent has. The legal process of disclosure is followed by a mediator who is accustomed to ensure the completion of the process properly.

What if I am not happy with the decision my ex is pushing for?
The mediators we have been in sure that no one can dominate the other and the decision is taken mutually.

Will mediation be right for me and my family? 
As it is mentioned earlier that the decision will be taken in the interest of all the parties who are involved in the life of the child and the finances will be distributed according to the income of both the parents and how much day take part in the life of the child and taking care.

How much time will it take to complete the whole process?
The mediation process is completed according to the situation that the parents are in and each session of mediation will be of 1 to 1 half hours. Any difficulties faced by the parents will be handled by the mediators as they are specialised to handle these situations which are very complicated. The time the mediation process will take is according to the requirements of the separated couple. The couple can complete the process as quickly as they want.

Can I try mediation if we have already started the proceedings in the court? If this is the case then mediation can be useful to resolve the disputes at any stage as the court proceedings can take time to complete and mediation can be helpful to you in completing those proceedings.

Can we try mediation without coming face-to-face?
If the couple does not want to meet each other even in the process of mediation then the mediators can offer them with the shuttle mediation option or they can also choose online mediation in which they have to set far away from each other and the mediator will shuttle from here and there.

How does mediation works?
The mediator plays a big role in solving the conflicts within the family.  The mediator asks the couple about their problems and listens to their points. The couple has the chance to explain and elaborate the reasons for the conflicts.  The children benefit from this as they have a chance to experience great family life. When the problems are resolved, the couple and their children would have a good life.

What issues are tackled in mediation?
Family solutions and problems need to have the right solution. Both parents and children benefit in resolving the family issues. Examples of these issues focus on debts, finance, parental rights and much more. The planning of support arrangement is effectively made during mediation. Issues that relate to grandparents also gain attention that they need to have a happy life.  

Why do you need to engage in mediation?
Mediation is less costly and faster than arbitration and litigation. Here, both parties have full control over their decisions. They can agree on things that are beyond the issues they’re facing. Both parties have an effect of selecting the mediator they want. In turn, the mediator doesn’t need to bias in hearing the concerns of the couple. If separation is inevitable, then the mediator can make it a hassle-free approach.  

Is mediation a voluntary process?
Yes, in fact, one of the two parties can mediate or not. It depends on the parties if they want to resolve the issues at once. But, the parties who refuse to mediate would receive a penalty. Some courts require mediation as an effective process in solving family issues. So, it would be best to engage in the mediation process. By agreeing to mediation, they have a chance to protect their positions.
They can protect themselves regarding the litigation cost. Thus, it would be a big advantage for parties to join in the mediation process.  

Are the discussions in the mediation process confidential?
Yes. Both parties are free to say their ideas and opinions. The things that they said wouldn’t be used against them. The parties can also take the opportunity of opening other issues that concern them. These might include the children and or financial issues.  

What are the other roles of the mediator?
The mediator also acts an intermediary for the parties. It happens if either of the parties refuses to talk. He or she might challenge the parties regarding their claims. But, the mediator doesn’t have the right to pressure the parties to make a settlement. Also, you also need to take note that the mediator doesn’t need to advise the couples to have a lawyer.

It still depends on the couple if they would get a lawyer or not. In either way, the couple is to solve the problem in the best way they could.
Here at Lakes Mediation, you have precise knowledge and understanding of the mediation process. We make sure to give you the satisfaction in knowing the info you need. We’re open in serving you in the best way we can. Feel free to call us, and we answer your questions at once. We do our best to provide you exceptional service you need.