When couples can’t decide what’s best for the child’s schooling then Lakes Mediation is a good place to discuss the issue.


While parents are separating, there are a lot of decisions to be made about the child.

The basic needs of the child must be fulfilled which are food, clothing and house.

child schools

Child Maintenance

child maintenance

The third parties Lakes mediation which has experience mediators experts in handling such situations.

The concept of child maintenance is the financial support that has to be given by each of the parents. It deals with the decision to be taken about the amount to be paid by both the parents to the child in his daily activities, for example, the education, holiday, etc.

The financial support has to be given by the parent who doesn’t have to take part in the daily life of the child to the parent who has to.
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Child Schools Mediation

Other than the basic facilities like these, parents have to provide the many other things that give their child the best life possible. Another basic need of a child is schooling, which has to be chosen very carefully.

Separating as a couple does not mean that you can ignore your child’s future or leave it to the other parent. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made after the separation of parents for example terms of the amount paid by the parent and who takes care of the child.

The whole point is to provide the financial support for your child so that their future is secure. Any decisions about schooling come under the child maintenance and it doesn’t only deal with the money but also the interests of the parents in the child’s life.

Benefits of child schools mediation

Together we’ll help you talk through issues like location and other issues surrounding the choice of school.

At Lakes Mediation, we have very experienced mediators who can handle the problem of child maintenance and the factors included in at.

Schooling is a very sensitive decision that how the child will do in its future.

The first problem is the location of the school and distance after school from where the child lives.

We make sure that the school is the best according to the financial position and the financial support given by the parents.

All this can be very stressful for the whole family but by engaging the help of a mediator, you can make sure that the end decision is the right decision for you and your family.

The quality of the school is decided by the income of the parents for obvious reasons in case of separation.

The parents only have to pay the school fees of the child as it will be decided in the mediation process on how much a parent will pay.

As the parents get separated now there are two properties to be handled and financed and along with it to pay the school fees of a private school (if desired) for the child, it can be difficult for both of them to afford.

Also, parents can be reluctant about the school in which the child studies because of the separating issues.

The question of religion can come into play here, as one parent may wish the child to go to a faith school.

All these questions can be answered through mediation without getting the court involved.

The mediators we provide can fulfil all your needs and help you to make every decision regarding child maintenance as they have handled such situations before.

Almost every parent is conscious of what they have to pay for child maintenance including their schooling etc.

We solve the problem of any complication that can occur during deciding the various factors of child maintenance including the financial support, active day-care etc.

As these mediators are all specially trained to handle such situations and can help you with it.

Mediating can help in  several ways, including:
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