Lakes mediation – We mediate around child access as its important the parents make decision for their children. We help couples work out arragements.

Lakes Mediation Fees

Court versus Mediation

Various Kinds Of Situations


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Pre-Mediation Consultation

When Your Know That You Want to Start Mediation

£99/per person

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

"When You Dont Know That You Both Want to Start Mediation"

£99/per person

Pre Court form sign off forms like C100 and Form A

"When There Is No Appetite To Mediate Or If Mediation Won't Work"

£49/per person

Cost effective mediation service Private Family Mediation FEES

Joint Medation Meeting

"When You Both Come To Mediation And Discuss Outstanding With A Mediator"

£100/per hour per person

Joint Mediation Meeting - Extended

"When You Both Come To Mediation And Discuss Outstanding With A Mediator And You Want To Complete. Need To Resolve Issues Quickly"

£80/per hour per person

Out of office Mediation Meeting

Joint Mediation Meeting "When You Both Come To Mediation And Discuss Outstanding With A Mediator"

£125/per hour per person

Start to resolve your problem or dispute now

When it comes to mediation, every parent thinks of what fees they have to pay for the whole process of mediation. When you compare the fees we charge with the other avenues of divorce, you will find that it is very cost-effective to opt for mediation through us and the services we provide result in more amicable solutions.

If you opt for the solicitor for the process, you will find that he will charge higher fees than the mediation and you can complete the task of resolving any dispute and that too by paying just a small fee. The above-mentioned details about fees are accurate and there are no hidden charges that are to be incurred.

If you compare the services of a court, with the mediation process, you will find that there will be no unexpected outcomes that come from the decisions made in mediation as the decision-making process is up to you and at the end, a mutual decision is made considering the interests of all the parties involved.

It is very convenient to opt for the mediation process through Lakes Mediation as there is a friendly environment which helps you to take decisions with a mutual consent. You will obtain the experience of a mediator.

It is very important that the child leads a peaceful and happy life even after their parents are separated. The fees are charged to ensure the best life of your child are very minimal as mentioned above.


Various Kinds Of Situations

The website has mentioned a lot of situations that arise when it comes to separation of parents including child maintenance which is one of the main reasons that the mediation process is the perfect solution for your family.

Parents have to be aware of different situations and this information can be given by the mediators who have already handled such situations before.The court can handle the situations but you do not know what decisions will be made and this will involve some formalities to be fulfilled wasting your time, efforts and money.

You will be disappointed if in a certain situation the decision is not made in your favour. That is totally opposite when it comes to mediation because the decisions are taken by mutual consent in every situation like splitting a family business assets which is according to the income of both the parents.

Another example is deciding the contribution of each parent for the life of the child and this contribution is decided keeping in mind the expenses and income of both the parents.


It is very important that you know the benefits of hiring a mediator into the process of child maintenance when the parents are separated it is very difficult to maintain the life of the child effectively and the mediation process will help you to do so with a minimum fees.