Mediating using technology like skype or video conferencng like facetime can be perfect for couples who cant travel or live far apart. Contact Lakes today to fnd out more

Online Mediation

As you know that mediation is recommended by experts in case of family disputes when the parents are being separated. Mediation means to resolve disputes by reaching a mutual conclusion by considering the opinions of all the parties involved.

It is very important to choose between the different methods of mediation including shuttle mediation, online mediation etc.

Below is an example of situations where someone might choose online mediation – 

You can combine online mediation with other types of mediation as well for example if you want online mediation as well as shuttle mediation the mediator can continuously Switch between the parties on the call through the electronic device used for online mediation.

To use the online mediation most effectively, it is important for you to arrange for the devices that are needed to communicate with the mediator online.

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The Devices Required

There are some basic devices which are required to fulfil the whole online mediation system properly.

These devices are related to electricity and internet and are mentioned below.

Computer, tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection which is reliable enough to pursue video calling or phone call.

You should be alone in the room in which you are contacting the mediator and sharing your personal information to him.

Its good to be somewhere you feel comfortable!

We recommend maybe bringing a Notepad so that you can note down the main points.

Lakes online mediation

Online mediation is very popular these days as it is very convenient for the separated parents to contact the mediator as well as get the opinions of the mediator who is suitable for the situation they are in.

Parents can get the mediator suitable to them as well as they can choose from the different options now which are greater in number then when they were choosing from the simple type of mediation.

Lakes mediation will be recommended if you choose for the online mediation as the mediators are well experienced to handle the situations of contacting the separated parents through Skype and other video calling apps.