Lakes Family mediation offer many benefits to save couples time, money and stress.


If the parents of a child have decided to separate due to some valid and strong reason. If you choose a third party over handling the situation by yourself, you will be better off with the decision to take.

It will be a lot better for you if you hire a Lakes mediator to help you make decisions by following a simple process.

benefits of mediation

Child Maintenance

child maintenance

There are fewer chances of a dispute if you choose the services of mediation. Mediation provides a friendly environment to share the information accurately so that there is no mistake in deciding for the future and the life of the child. The process of mediation has a lot of benefits over using the services of a court. It is important for you to make decisions quickly whether you get help from a mediator or not. It is very important for the parents to take interest in the life of the child and fulfil the basic needs and requirements.
Why Choose lakes Mediation Over Court?
Why Mediation Is Needed

The decisions are regarding the income, expenses and savings of the parents and how they have to make a balance between their work life and the new family they have. There must be of cooperation between the parties involved in separation and the mediator.

There are various options you have if you want to resolve the matter of separation and decide how much contribution each parent will give financially and morally so that an active part is taken in taking the care of the child.

You have to evaluate the pros and cons of each and every option you have and then you can decide which one to choose that is whether to go for mediation, Court or solicitor.

Benefits of Lakes Mediation

The evaluation of each and every option you have must be done by looking for the pros and cons of mediation and the other services which resolve the dispute and take decisions in the case of separation. 

If you choose mediation, the mediator can decide how the formalities of the court must be fulfilled and they can save your time and money. In most cases, if you have chosen for mediation then there is no need to go to the court.

Mediation can save your efforts by fulfilling all the formalities and documentation which are required to make decisions regarding your child.

Mediating can help  in several ways, including:


A mediator can help you get out of debt, settle your disputes and save your relationship with the person or company that is causing your financial hardship.

In the most basic definition of mediation, it is a way for parties to reach agreement without the need for litigation. While many may wonder what mediation is used for, a mediator helps both parties work together to find a resolution. In this article we will discuss how mediation works and how it can benefit you.

Mediation is an interactive, structured process in which an impartial third party helps disputing parties resolve conflict by using negotiation and communication skills. All participants in mediation remain involved in the entire process.

In the process of dispute resolution mediation participants communicate with each other in order to arrive at an agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Most often than not, the mediator will begin by presenting the information to all parties involved, then ask them to provide information that will support their position. 

From there the mediator then proceeds to present the case to all parties.

Depending on the case, a mediator may offer various solutions to the problem. This may include settlement, reduction in principal, repayment of principal and a combination of both. Once all of the parties have provided all of the required information, the mediator then presents the case to the court or other venue for the final determination. 

The mediator will then make recommendations to the parties that they feel are in the best interest of the situation at hand. The mediator is there to offer guidance, and advise each party on how to move forward.

The final step of mediation is that all parties are free to move forward, or they are notified in writing that they have no choice but to pursue the case to its conclusion. In some cases the parties may even choose to file suit against the other party in hopes of getting paid off by the original creditor. 

This process will be different for every type of debt and for each and every party involved. In this case, the mediator would make the final recommendation.

There are many different ways to apply mediation. However, the most important thing is that you seek out the services of a mediator who can offer the assistance you need in order to achieve a resolution with your financial troubles. 

Mediation isn’t a guaranteed solution, but it can be one of the best tools you can use in order to reduce or eliminate your debt. in an effective manner.

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