Deciding what happens to a jointly home or martial home when separating can be very stressful. Contact us as Lakes Mediation can really help resolve these disputes.

Family Disputes Over Jointly Owned Property

When a couple is married, it is obvious that it would have a lot of property wit is jointly owned by both the parents. As it has to be decided that which parent would have access to which property, there can be a lot of disputes that can arise over this matter. There are various factors to be considered while solving such disputes as a family home is for the child as well and it must not only be seen as jointly owned property. It has to be seen as the basic needs of the child which can only be fulfilled by the parents. It should be ensured that the life of the child is not suffered due to the disputes over some properties that are materialistic. You can take help from the third party in order to have a better communication with the other parent regarding the ownership of this property. If there is a provision of co parenting then you can opt for a family home in which both parents take care of the child side by side or turn by turn.

Any disputes are coming over the family home can be resolved through mediation and it is recommended that you take help from a third party who is an expert in handling such situations. The main task of mediation is to ensure that the future of the child is secure and none of the disputes arising due to small things make the child suffer in his life. There are many cases in which parents have a jointly owned property and after separation they fight over these things. After separation, it can be very complicated to assign or transfer the ownership to one parent as the value of the house cannot be determined sometimes. Parents cannot handle the situation by themselves as these situations are very complicated.

Lakes Family Mediation And Resolving Family Home Disputes

Everyone recommends that you approach a mediator rather than going to the court and making all those efforts and giving your precious time as you have to think of many other aspects when you are separated.

It is a must to decide with the mutual consent of both the parents and if they are not able to reach such a decision, lakes mediation will help you to do so. We help you to avoid the efforts engaged in the court by maintaining a friendly environment so that you can share each and every information regarding your child as well as the property you own mutually.

At Lakes mediation , we give you every information about what is needed to be done in order to decide the value of propertyto be assigned to each parent. The main purpose to hire a mediator is that when such disputes arise, the child doesn’t suffer and these disputes are resolved quickly.

There is reluctance in parents when it comes to sharing information about the value of the property. Our mediators are well experienced to handle such situations. It is very important for you to hire a mediator from Lakes mediation . Our mediator ensures that parents have interest in the life of the child and act according to that. To reduce the complications that arise in the process of valuing mutually owned property, it is better to take the services of a mediator who is an expert with all the information that is required to handle such situations. We can communicate this information to you through our mediators.

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