When couples who separate have savings then we can help you decide who shares what and how costs are divided. 

Deciding the financial requirements of a child can be complicated for the parents after their separation and there are various disputes that can arise due to making such decisions. 

It must be decided that what contribution each parent will make after their separation out of the savings they make from their income.


Savings Mediation

Savings & Children

The expenses of a parent are decided by their Income and their savings are dependent on their expenses. Ensuring that the right child maintenance is provided is very important as it is the question of the child’s future and his life. Meeting the child’s overall basic needs and wants is very important and it comes under child maintenance. Most parents are not aware of the steps that must be followed when figuring out how much their spending will be and how much will need to go to child maintenance, this is where our mediators can help.
Savings Mediation
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Why Mediation Is Needed

The child must be given enough attention so that their future is secure and they don’t suffer due to lack of finance in their life. 

Any hesitation or disagreement over child maintenance and the separating of savings can lead to fights and disputes which will affect the child. This dispute must not happen and it can be avoided if mediation is taken.

Benefits of Lakes Mediation

It is very important to hire a mediator to decide how much savings a parent has to do for the child and how much expenditure out of those savings will be made for the child.

The pattern of expenditure is also decided by the parents through mutual consent and the mediator has a very important role in deciding the expenses of a child.

There are various expenses that are done in order to maintain the life of the child. Lakes Mediation has experience mediators who give you all the information about how to make expenditure on the child after separation.

There is no point involving the services of a court into the matter as these are very personal and no parent is comfortable discussing their income in court.

The Lakes Mediators are experienced to handle the situations which are complicated like deciding the amount of savings each parent has to contribute.

Savings & Mediation

The mediators we provide give you and every information about your situation. This avoids any disputes that can occur. The main purpose of the mediation institute is to secure the child’s life and their future. The child must be satisfied with their life and financial support must be enough to ensure it.

It is the duty of the Lakes Mediators to help you both reach a mutual decision by keeping in mind the interests of every party involved and fulfilling the child’s needs.

Financing the child is as important as any other support to him. Hence the savings of the parents must be directed towards the right path and it is the responsibility of the parents only with the mutual decision of each other and the mediator.

From Lakes Mediation Clients

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It makes many parents conscious that how much they have to pay for the child maintenance. It also makes some questions about who will take an active part in the day to day life of the child. It is important to reach a mutual consent so that there are no disputes.
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We help the parents to reach that mutual consent very quickly as the mediators we have been very experienced in handling tougher situations. There are many provisions in the law which are enforceable when the parents have promised or given in written to do a certain support for the child.
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The mediators we have a specially trained in such area. We just have to contact us to carry out the process easily.
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